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The real estate sector is traditionally a driver of the economic system and a catalyst for long-term or speculative financial investments. This has been the case in Italy too, at least until the beginning of the financial and economic crisis which led to a substantial fall in the number of property transactions.

Nevertheless, with the help of international developments and plans for the regeneration of the urban fabric of the world’s big cities, the sector is finding that it is becoming attractive again, also owing to new architectural forms, new concepts for the occupation of space and more modern technical solutions. A team operates in the Financial Services (Tax) group which deals with property taxes, also focusing on financial investment vehicles: real estate funds and listed real estate investment trusts (SIIQ).

Our services range from assistance in analysing taxation aspects – direct, indirect and local tax, investments in real estate on the part of both individual investors and investment vehicles, including Italian real estate investment funds in particular, to due diligence; from the assessment of the taxation aspects of tax investment structures, also for foreign investors, to assistance in complying with regular tax obligations arising from the possession of properties.

The team also belongs to the international PwC tax network that handles real estate and collaborates with their colleagues in this network in assisting foreign operators with their investments in Italy and Italian operators with their real estate investments abroad.

As regards real estate investment funds, the real estate tax team works in close coordination with the legal team that is specialised in the laws and regulations governing this sector.

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