Mergers and acquisitions

Identify tax opportunities and risks, factoring them in when structuring M&A transactions. Managing the related financial facilities in order to make cash flows sustainable in the long term. Planning an efficient exit strategy in advance. These are all measures that can bring value to an M&A transaction.

Our work in the M&A sector concentrates on all these factors to help investors (both corporate buyers and institutional investors) to handle the tax aspects of M&A transactions, managing tax risks and reducing tax inefficiencies to a minimum in compliance with the tax rules as a whole, which are in an increasingly rapid process of evolution.

With solid expertise and the capability of providing answers that forestall changes and of working with the PwC teams in the other lines of services involved in M&A, the PwC TLS Avvocati e Commercialisti professionals can provide extremely high value solutions in the M&A sector, while operating in a high risk scenario.

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Nicola Broggi

Tax Partner, PwC TLS

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