International taxation

Along with business globalisation comes the need for factoring in the cross-border dimensions of taxation. Properly managing of this aspect is, therefore, crucially important for both MNEs operating in Italy and for Italian enterprises seeking expansion abroad.

On one hand, companies must operate in compliance with the tax legislation in the different juridictions that they invest in and, on the other hand, they must have a tax strategy in line with both their corporate structure and their operating and business model.

Our specialist international taxation team can help you to analyse the international structure of your business and assess the tax issues involved, such as the ownership of the companies and the structuring of foreign loans and investments and divestments.

Our ability to assist you is based on close collaboration with PwC’s specialist global International Taxation Services (ITS) network and tight international integration with other PwC professionals specialising in legal matters, transfer pricing and indirect taxes.

Our ITS services are provided by specialists in direct EU taxes (the EU Direct Tax Group) as regards, for example, issues such as compliance of domestic rules with the the fundamental freedoms set by the EU treaty, European Directives, state aid, etc., and by specialists in tax matters and in opportunities arising from R&D incentives (the Global R&D Incentives Group) available in the various EU countries.

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