Tax reporting and compliance

Running operations in many different countries implies the need for proper coordination of those subsidiaries. Head-quartes are growingly looking for greater control and a clearer vision of the tax and accounting obligations and rules governing the preparation of financial statements in foreign juridictions they operate in. But it is not easy to achieve these objectives without a global Partner which can give you coordination, risk control and a satisfactory flow of information to the central tax function.

Through specialist local compliance teams (Global Compliance Services – GCS), the PwC global network can help you to coordinate these activities while complying with the accounting practices, legislative environments and business practices of each jurisdiction your companies operate in. We have enough experience to assure you that the process of transition to this new operating method will be fluid, that you will fulfil your obligations punctually and that your operations will be cost-effective.

Outsourcing your Global compliance services does more than just helping you to avoid risk and save resources, but can also allow more time and resources from your own tax function, which is usually overwhelmed with compliance work, to focus on higher added value activities.

PwC’s GCS network has the necessary expertise to do all of this. Whether you ask for help in meeting direct or indirect tax obligations or help with accounting and tax reporting, we can offer you a global network of dedicated specialists, coordinated from the top and working to high, shared standards.

Our web-based technology provides you with the full set of information you need and access to it online, placing it at your disposal in a coherent format, easy to consult and at a moderate cost. We can also help to rationalise your data collection procedures by arranging for your accounting systems to be directly linked to your tax compliance management processes.

Through our GCS network we have the resources, the processes, the technology and the tools to keep up with the latest developments in laws and regulations and help you to coordinate your compliance all over the world at cost-effective rates.

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