Market sectors

The specialist expertise of our PwC TLS Avvocati e Commercialisti professionals broadens out to take in the main industrial sectors. The presence of industry specialists in our firm means that our clients can take advantage of their experience and consider possible specific direct and indirect tax implications.

This is a list of the industries in which we have specialists:

CIPS (Consumer, Industrial Products and Services)

  • CIPS - Automotive
  • CIPS - Energy utilities mining
  • CIPS - Health services
  • CIPS - Pharmaceutical (inclusi life sciences and biotech)
  • CIPS - Industrial products
  • CIPS - Industrial products/ Business services
  • CIPS - Industrial products/ Chemicals
  • CIPS - Industrial products/ Engineering and construction
  • CIPS - Industrial products/ Industrial manufacturing and metals
  • CIPS - Industrial products/ Transportation and logistics
  • CIPS - Retail / Consumer

Government (including public services)

TICE (Technology, InfoComm and entertainment)

  • TICE - Technology
  • TICE - InfoComm
  • TICE - Entertainment and media

FS (Financial services)

  • FS - Banking and capital markets
  • FS - Asset management
  • FS - Asset management/ Real estate
  • FS - Asset management/ Alternatives
  • FS - Insurance

PE (Private equity)

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