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Payroll services, within the PwC / TLS Organization, are provided by PwC Services S.r.l.

For companies, Human Capital is the most important asset in strategic and economic aspects, whose importance deserves proper, careful, trustworthy and consistent management.The various theorical and pragmatic complexities, as well as the increasingly heavy burden of fulfilment on employers, contribute to making the HR world subject to continuous evolution. 

In this context, with the support of PwC TLS, clients can achieve their goal of minimizing management risks, creating trust, streamlining Payroll processes, standardizing controls and improving the efficiency of their HR organization. This is also thanks to the constant cooperation with professionals from the PwC Network specializing in tax management, accounting, budgeting, information technology and the numerous legal areas. The team of payroll specialists, enhanced by consultancy and managerial figures, is able to meet different needs according to the characteristics and specificities of each concrete case, preparing efficiency and productivity solutions thanks to the daily relationship with the company's HR team, the technology provider and, finally, the administered employees.

PwC TLS provides its customers with both specific domestic HR-Payroll management tools and global tools for process standardization (end-to-end input and output), as well as data sharing areas marked by the highest standards of reliability and security - in strict compliance with the GDPR regulations regarding privacy issues.

The HR-Payroll services are divided into various more specialized areas specified below.

HR-Payroll Services

Domestic Payroll

PwC TLS has a team of payroll specialists who provide management, reporting and consultancy services helping companies to deal with day-to-day requirements in the light of the numerous contractual, administrative, social security and tax obligations that make the role of employers exposed to considerable criticality and liability.

Social Security Representation

As more and more employees are posted globally, companies may face difficulties in identifying the relevant social security legislation.

Prior analysis is aimed at determining the correct identification of social security obligations in Italy. In this, PwC TLS makes use of a constant and qualified dialogue with Italian institutions. The payroll team guarantees the most thorough support through the complex registration phase of the Social Security Representation, which admits the company to the full management of contribution obligations.

Global Payroll

The fact that the company's offices are located in numerous countries makes it necessary for many companies to have a truly "global" payroll management system that combines an overview of processes with local regulatory peculiarities in full coordination with the PwC Network. 

PwC TLS assists global clients in reorganizing their payroll operations with standardized processes and controls, timely reporting, automation of manual procedures and workforce management through the benefits of digital platforms and dedicated software.

Social Security

Both internationally and locally, the PwC TLS team is able to support clients in the analysis and management of both company and employee pension issues.

PwC provides theoretical and operational services that help companies interested in correctly managing employee pension profiles both domestically and internationally.

Labor consultancy

Labour consultants constantly provide assistance to clients, in dialogue with their HR teams. 

The team of consultants offers services tailored to the needs of companies, with the preparation of specific "memorandum" on payroll, tax, social security and labour issues; indeed, PwC TLS supports Clients in their day-by-day activities right up to the resolution of day-to-day issues. The PwC TLS labour consultants act as intermediaries of the client towards the labour authorities.

HR assistance

PwC TLS can support the client in the complete management of the employment relationship in all its phases, taking care of the operative calendar, taking direct care of the compulsory communications, of the registrations to Authorities, Funds, and Trade Unions, helping the company in the drafting of direct communications to the employees relating to the management of the relationship itself, as well as in the management of the relative payments (home banking or the Italian so called “Entratel” as intermediaries).

Payroll HR Due Diligence

The payroll team members work alongside tax, legal and finance colleagues in Vendor and Buy-side Due Diligence operations. PwC TLS has acquired significant experience in this area by collaborating on both national and international projects supporting the PwC Network.

The activity is focused on verifying compliance with social security, insurance, tax and administrative obligations, highlighting any criticalities and liabilities that could reasonably have a material impact on the company.

The Due Diligence, through in-depth document collection and through Q&A interviews, covers thematic areas such as the identification of debts with Entities, the verification of the correct management of secondments, compliance with respect to obligations relating to disabled personnel, the verification or even the recalculation of contractual provisions (re-performing of accruals and severance pay), the enhancement of fringe benefits, the assessment of the correct use of company or individual contribution and tax reliefs, the assessment of the management of company welfare, the assessment of the legal requirements which subjected the client with respect of so-called labor-intensive within tender contracts. 

Even in the event of the absence of corporate operations, such as acquisitions or demergers PwC consultants can carry out Payroll sanity-checks for companies within an internal audit framework.

The accounting service can also be provided in Business Process Outsourcing mode, go to the dedicated page to find out how and which other services can be outsourced.

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