Labour law

Efficient, effective and reliable management of relations with workers and unions are three of the most important key factors to safeguard business' continuity and value: they contribute to its success and help it to find ways to deal with crisis situations, cost saving, efficiency drivers and key people retention.

PwC TLS Avvocati e Commercialisti' team of labour lawyers is specialised in managing issues arising from the world of work, helping businesses in their relations with their employees, the unions, the government and the tax, pensions and welfare authorities in all the phases.

In the start-up phase by:

  • managing and advising on optimal employment structure;
  • implementing global HR policies;
  • implementing sound and regular recruitment policies;
  • advising on negotiations and employment contracts.

In the phase of international growth and expansion by:

  • advising on compliance with international labour law;
  • working out the details of international positions and documenting them;
  • supporting the employers in all the extraordinary transactions, in particular as concerns M&A and businesses' transerfs.

In handling corporate crises or disputes with workers:

  • reducing and optimizing human resources related costs;
  • individual and collective dismissals;
  • managing and advising on domestic and cross-border restructuring programmes.

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