Fiscal policy and economics consulting

A specialised team in fiscal and economic policies for policy makers, private firms and for the public debate on the attractiveness of the Italian system.

We have skills that are indispensable today to companies to realise initiative of corporate or sector responsibility.

Our team integrates legal, tributary, econometric skills to provide analytical support, with a data driven approach, on all economic policy issues. We deal with the assessment of tax policies and impact analysis, with a focus on improving the business climate and the country attractiveness.

We offer advice to national and local governments and to the private sector clients. Our economic and econometric analysis helps companies, governments and their agencies to frame, process, deliver and evaluate some of their most important decisions. We conduct economic and econometric analysis on behalf of our clients to demonstrate the impact of change to key decision makers.


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Dario Sencar

Tax Partner, PwC TLS

Flavio Mondello Malvestiti

Director, PwC TLS

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