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Outsourcing the management of non-core activities, starting with accounting, tax, and administration, to accredited professionals is an important concern for companies that want to dedicate their energies to business development. Equally important is outsourcing payroll and personnel administration services to qualified and recognized providers.

Finance & administration process outsourcing services are an ideal solution for companies willing to transform their operational processes and, in particular, for companies undertaking extraordinary operations or corporate restructuring, aiming to foster a structure with lower costs in the medium to long term.

Why PwC?

To cope with the increasing market demand for outsourced solutions for its accounting, treasury, tax, and payroll processes, PwC TLS has built a dedicated business unit specialized in the provision of such services. 

PwC's historical expertise in the finance & administration sector, together with a technological platform, powered by first-class solutions on the market, enable it to deliver a level of service that is distinctive from market practices.

PwC provides support from the very first steps of the project, ensuring timely access to the most appropriate expertise for each situation, strengthening its role as a partner and enabler of its clients' development plans.

The PwC value proposition

Brand and security

The reliability and level of confidentiality that PwC employs in all its specialized services, starting with compliance issues, fuels its clients' brand value as well as recognition by its stakeholders.

Deep globability

PwC has a global presence supporting all clients' subsidiaries. This distinguishing factor, allows clients to interface with a single global partner, facilitating the implementation of territorial expansion plans and integrated, centralized compliance management.

Industrialized approach

PwC's approach to outsourced finance & administration services is marked by high standards of efficiency and quality. For this purpose, specialized delivery centers located throughout Italy (Shared Service Centers) have been built to ensure capillarity and proximity to clients. Moreover, continuous improvement mechanisms have also been implemented to enable compliance with the quality standards agreed with clients.

Set-up and integration

With a high level of design and process engineering expertise, PwC provides outsourcing service set-up activities through the support of specialized finance & administration resources, in order to launch activities efficiently, safely and integrate into the clients' processes in the least invasive way possible.

Technology and Transformation

PwC's ongoing investment in new technologies enables a high level of efficiency and accuracy in the results obtained. This capability is reflected in the automation of specialized activities and integration with the client process system, supporting transformation projects and working in synergy with the teams responsible for outsourced processes.

Service management

PwC, as a further reinforcement of the quality expressed, provides dedicated resources to monitor compliance with agreed service level agreements. The monitoring of efficiency and service quality indicators represent for PwC not only the way to ensure accuracy, quality and compliance with the assumed responsibilities, but it also represent the starting point to analyze on a continuous basis the areas of improvement of the services rendered.

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PwC TLS supports its clients in outsourcing activities related to accounting and tax compliance, allowing internal resources to be allocated to higher-value-added activities. PwC offers to clients confidentiality and experience, ensuring control over the work and access to qualified resources, supporting, where required, the reengineering of accounting and tax processes.

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The outsourcing of the client's payroll processing function allows to standardize controls and improve the efficiency of the HR organization. The team of payroll specialists, consultants and managers, is able to meet the client’s specific needs, arranging efficiency and productivity solutions in collaboration with the corporate HR team, with the technology provider and finally with the administered employees.

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Additional services

Additional services that can be outsourced with a PwC TLS Business Process Outsourcing approach include the following: Tax services, Privacy, Incentives, Corporate Secretariat, Legal Affairs, Human Capital and Compliance.

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