Enterprise crisis

Digital solution to support activities related to the new regulation (art. 2086 CC) and in particular to monitor business continuity through process management in the following way: end to end of data and documentation collection, workflow management, index analysis (in a final and predictive perspective) and reporting of the results.

These data, moreover, are contained in different and numerous sources that must be aggregated, homogenized and then analyzed according to the indices indicated by the specialist teams.

  • Customer master data management, user profiling, both quantitative and qualitative information and document collection (Survey)
  • Management of the rules and indices proposed by PwC specialist teams
  • Management of evaluation scenarios, trend, qualitative and economic-financial analysis
  • Calendar and activity monitoring
  • Supporting reporting and final evaluation preparation
  • Archiving and structured document management and management of dialogue and sharing with stakeholders
  • Advanced index analysis with set of controls proposed by a specialized PwC team
  • Reporting of results in a final and predictive perspective
  • Dynamic management of scenarios and results reporting
  • Support and consultancy tool for the timely collection and analysis of data
  • Safe and traced sharing of surveys and analyzes with internal and external stakeholders
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