Digital software solution to support the management of processes related to incentives for energy upgrading actions based on the recent D.L. 34/2020 and the assignment of claims linked to tax credits.

  • Customer master data management, user profiling, information and document set collection
  • Management of credit transfer requests coming directly from end customers or businesses
  • Formal control of the documentation provided
  • Workflow and Dossier monitoring management
  • Support Dashboard and Reporting
  • Accounting evaluation of purchased credits
  • Assessment of any impacts on credit management delays
  • Calculation of the "tax capacity" (from F24)
  • Monitoring of the erosion of the tax capacity
  • Document repository
  • Completely cloud and digital management of paperwork and use / assignment of credit
  • Structured collection and archiving with connection of document and information sets
  • Modular and flexible services according to the needs of the channel / use case