Digital Data Protection Officer

The DPO module is the answer to the need expressed by data controllers, Data Protection Officers and privacy representatives to digitize and speed up day-by-day activities that concern the management of the obligations prescribed by the GDPR and allows total control of business issues related to data protection.

This tool allows to plan and deliver privacy training, create newsletters with new legislations, collect and respond smartly to requests from interested parties, record and classify data breaches and monitor their status, perform data protection impact assessment, generate information privacy, consent forms, appointments and agreements, maintaining the register of processing operations, conducting audits and facilitating interactions with the Guarantor for the protection of personal data.

  • Customer master data management, user profiling, information and document set collection
  • Monitoring and management of the following activities: information, training and internal consultancy; surveillance and monitoring; impact assessment on data protection; requests from data subjects; data breach; interaction with the supervisory authority; register of processing activities.
  • Organization chart and corporate privacy management
  • Creation of relevant data protection documentation (ie information, appointment of the processing operations owner, appointment of persons authorized to processing operations, appointment of system administrator, joint ownership agreement, agreement on the processing of personal data, contract terms, forms of acquisition of the consent, cookie policy)
  • Archiving and structured document management, dialogue management and sharing with stakeholders
  • Fully cloud and digital management of activities related to the DPO figure.
  • Structured collection and archiving with connection of document and information sets
  • Aggregation in a single digital environment of all processes, activities and information relating to the role of the PDO.
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