Cruscotto FE Corporate

In partnership with the main approved intermediaries, a complete PA (Public Administration) and B2B electronic invoicing service is available in various solutions for Companies and Law & Accounting Firms.

The solution for companies offers maximum implementation flexibility by adapting to the client's organizational and IT configuration and ensures the conversion of the data produced in any format by the client's ERP, into XML compliant flows. It also allows active billing management towards foreign subjects by collecting the invoices information which are a fundamental requirement for cross-border communication.

The solution for Law & Accounting Firm is a multi-user system for the invoicing management of the Firm or on behalf of the client, who can also operate independently; Furthermore, multiple ways of creating and uploading invoices are provided.

  • Sending and receiving invoices to / from SDI
  • Multi-user and multi-client segregation and management
  • Simplified visualization of the invoice and management of the Staging area for last changes
  • Monitoring of invoices issued and received and formal control of the invoice for pre-sending to SDI
  • Automatic digital signature, massive download of documents
  • Control and process safety
  • Advanced controls that anticipate any errors, preventing discards from the SDI and monitoring aspects of tax compliance
  • Customizable solution responding to specific needs
  • Integration of the digital dialogue system with the AdE
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