Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance module was created to support the activities of the General Counsel with the aim of managing any process of the Legal Department, giving a computerized base to the function and allowing rapid verification of the information and the progress of the projects concerning the holding or its subsidiaries.

Through the module it is possible to build the workflows of corporate operations and social meetings, providing for the assignment of tasks as well as the management and exchange of information and documents. It then allows you to monitor the composition and deadline of the company bodies and to produce an ad hoc report on the status of corporate compliance for the benefit of the Legal Department or the Board.

  • Customer master data management, user profiling, information and document set collection
  • Monitoring activities of corporate bodies with Workflow management and Reporting on individual entities and / or groups to support work flow and calendar management with indication of activities, resources and deadlines, alert setting and progress management of activities (for example: management of mandatory meetings, etc.)
  • Archiving and structured document management and management of dialogue and sharing with stakeholders
  • Fully cloud and digital management of Corporate Governance
  • Dynamic monitoring and management of corporate bodies, including auditors
  • Structured collection and archiving with connection of document and information sets
  • Customization of the tool for managing the budget approval process based on the specific needs of the customer
  • Legal assistance for corporate audits of any type and complexity
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