"Communico" is a digital solution that allows you to professionally collect, classify and archive all the documentation and related data, starting with the tax, accounting, assets and financial data of the Company and the Law & Accounting Firm. The potential is extended to the digitalization of relationships with internal and external corporate stakeholders, including institutional ones, thanks to advanced, secure and traceable systems of sharing and dialogue.

The solution aims to completely move the discussions via the web, including those of tax control and verification, by the Agenzia delle Entrate and the Guardia di Finanza, with efficiency improvements in terms of costs, time, security and traceability of the dialogues. The aggregation of sensitive data for tax and management purposes is also an approach that is fundamental for an efficient and safe use of the Company or Firm documentation, also in relation to the operations concerning data analysis, organization and structuring of the relevant information.

  • "Sphere" - Document management in the cloud: document archiving and management system designed to organize, consult and share in complete safety the information assets of Companies and Firms starting from fiscal, accounting, capital and financial data and documents.
  • "Secure share" - Dialogue and secure sharing: module for the digitization of the tax authorities-business-professionals dialogue, for which the accreditation process at national level of the memorandum of understanding with the Agenzia delle Entrate has been initiated. An agreement has been formalized with the Agenzia delle Entrate di Trento for the digital management of the entire tax assessment process.
  • "Legal Storage" - Systems Long-term archiving: "Communico" supports Document Management in the cloud with the standardized digital Long-term archiving service in outsourcing accredited by AgID, designed to dematerialize the entire document archive of Companies and Firms in complete safety
  • "Agent": massive on-premise uploading of documentation
  • Acquisition and aggregation of information in dialogue with ERP and management systems
  • Professional organization of data and documents, with guarantee and information security
  • Traced and secure sharing with stakeholders and institutional subjects, with remote Cloud Dialogue with AdE and other control bodies
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