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Cookies are tools for tracking user behaviour on a website. They consist of text strings that are sent by the site to the IT device through which the user browses. Following the storage of cookies in the device, the browser automatically transmits them to the site that generated them on the occasion of a subsequent visit by the same user, keeping memory of previous browsing.

The cookies used by PwC allow to track the user journey through the site and collect data to improve its functionality.

The use of some cookies, called "technical", is essential to allow the proper functioning of the site and does not involve any processing of personal data. Other types of cookies (so-called "analytical") are used to store user preferences, in an anonymous and aggregate manner, in order to facilitate browsing even after the first access.

Additional ("profiling") cookies are functional to the need to make communications and marketing campaigns effective and allow to have evidence of the browsing characteristics of the site by users.

By selecting Cookie Settings users can change, according to their preferences, the activation of different types of cookies that can only be used with their consent.

Cookies on this site

The following is a description of the types of cookies present on the PwC website.


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